KBS Long-Radius Tube Benders

for High-Purity and Critical Piping in

Semiconductor Facilities











Bend stainless steel, steel, brass, aluminum, soft and some hard copper, and other tubing materials with KBS Rollobend Long Radius Tube Benders. You get smooth, long-radius bends with no marking, scraping, or flattening. Internal cracking of electro-polished surface is greatly reduced, thereby minimizing particle generation during installation.The open side slips over the tube at any point. No need to figure spring-back.

KBS Tubing Bender
  • The Standard Rollobend System comprises three fixed-hook tubing benders for 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" O.D. with a 2 1/2" radius, in 10X, 6.67X and 5X respectively.
  • Different radiuses are also available in all three sizes of benders.
  • Each tool bends one size tubing up to 180 degrees.
  • All long radius benders have an easy 90 degree start, with a roller bearing glide for ease of bending.
  • The calibration marks and roller bearing make accurate bends with less effort.
  • The wide fixed hook simplifies operation and holds the tubing securely.
  • Extra long handles and large grips feel great!
  • Orbital welding materials/parts costs are significantly reduced by not buying pre-fabricated long-sweep 90 degree bends/elbows.
  • This system is used in major microelectronic facilities and by contractors throughout the United States and worldwide, including Semi Gas, IBM, Intel, Hewlett Packard, AT&T, Kinetic Systems, Hellwig Plumbing and ICOM Mechanical.

Standard Rollobend System, 2.50" radius
Part #
1/4" tube OD x .035" wall thickness
Part #
3/8" tube OD x .035" wall thickness
Part #
1/2" tube OD x .049" wall thickness
10X, 2.50" radius
6.67X, 2.50" radius
5X, 2.50" radius
Other Rollobend Sizes Available, 1.25" - 5.00" radius
Part #
1/4" tube OD x .035" wall thickness
Part #
3/8" tube OD x .035" wall thickness
Part #
1/2" tube OD x .049" wall thickness
5X, 1.25" radius
5X, 1.87" radius
4X, 2.00" radius
8X, 2.00" radius
8X, 3.00" radius
10X, 5.00" radius
10X, 3.75" radius










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