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Orbital Welding and Cutting Equipment


DWS stocks spare parts for all George Fischer saws, tungsten electrodes for all makes of orbital welding equipment, and facing tool bits / tube squaring / cutter bits.

All suppplies and consumables are in stock now.

Shipped worldwide.

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Saw Blades

For use with GF tube and pipe orbital cut-off saws. Ideal for cutting stainless steel and other alloys. For use with Orbitalum, GF, Lefon and others.

  • Broad selection of blades for most applications in stock
  • Sizes from thin-wall tubing (.035") to heavy-wall tubing (.400")
  • Cut square to within .005"

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  Saw Blades

Pre-Ground, Cut-to-Length
Tungsten Electrodes

DWS stocks tungsten electrodes for all makes of orbital welding equipment. In stock now and shipped worldwide.

  • Made of highest quality materials
  • Precision-ground to manufacturers' specifications
  • Cut to length
  • Clean handled for control against contamination
  • Standard and custom dimensions
  • Accurate to ± .003

Facing Tool Bits, Cutter Bits

  • Long-lasting, precision-ground- geometry tube squaring bits
  • High-performance base material
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Tube squaring bits

Spare Parts for GF Cut-Off Saws

GF Spare Parts


Kapton Tape                  

High-temperature dilectric UV-resistant purge tape

Kapton Tape


Looking to rent orbital welding equipment?

DWS has the best-maintained orbital tube welding rental fleet. 1/4" through 6" capabiltiies.



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