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We own and operate a rental fleet of George Fischer / Georg Fischer / GF tube cutting saws

Orbital Tube and Pipe Cutting Saws for Weekly or Monthly Rental

( DWS is not affiliated with Orbitalum or GF or George Fischer )

PHONE: 408-567-0232

  • DWS rents precision cold-cutting machines for tube and pipe in preparation for welding

  • Provides quality fit-up and alignment for consistent repeatable weld results. Delivers a precise square cut, ready for de-burring and fit-up. Ideal for stainless tubing.

  • Available from DWS for rental on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Phone us toll-free at 888-960-0232
    for application assistance and to request a rental quote
  • Looking to rent orbital welding equipment? DWS has the best-maintained orbital tube welding rental fleet. 1/4" through 6" capabilities.


Original RA Series
Tube and Pipe Cut-Off Machines

Georg Fisher original RA saws series




Cuts fast, with simultaneous or separate cutting, for improved cutting quality, improved fitting for welding, and increased service life for tools. Ideal for high-purity applications.

  • Square, burr-free, deformation-free pipe end
  • Cold-cutting process
  • 1/4" to 12" models
  • Cuts square to within .005"
  • Not available in 220, 230, 240 v., sorry


Orbital Tube & Pipe Cut-Off Saw Blades

GF Georg Fischer Saw Blades



For use with tube and pipe cut-off saws. Ideal for cutting stainless steel and other alloys.

  • Broad selection of blades for most applications
  • Sizes from thin-wall tubing (.035") to heavy-wall tubing (.400")
  • Cut square to within .005"
Part numbers and OD info

Original RA Series Spare Parts

RA Spare Parts


Hard-to-find spare parts for original RA Series George Fischer brand saws

Spare parts gallery



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